custom cannabis concentrate containers

Your extract stored in an airtight, moisture-free and childproof option

Concentrates and extracts have taken the cannabis industry by storm among recreational consumers and medical patients alike.

HEMPLOYD’s concentrate containers are the perfect solution for preserving the integrity and freshness of concentrates and extracts while ensuring a longer shelf life for your cannabis. 

Make your cannabis life safer with our child-resistant cap solution. Whether you prefer glass, silicone, ceramic, or plastic containers we have them all.

Custom cannabis concentrate containers​

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Ceramic concentrate containers
Triangle concentrate containers
Black cap round base concentrate containers
Round base concentrate containers
Plastic concentrate containers
Non stick silicone containers
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what we can do with custom CONCENTRATE CONTAINERS?

Jar Shapes

Hemployd has many existing successful jar shapes like round, square,hexagon and triangle,to meet your different needs, or you can customize your own jar shape according to your creativity.


In addition to the common white, black and transparent, Hemployd also provides a special color customization service for both jar and lids.

Multiple Sizes Available

Hemployd offers a wide selection of volumes, the common ones are 3ml,5ml,7ml,9ml, and of course we offer full-size custom services.

Custom Printed die cut Containers

Child Resistant Solutions

Child-resistant is vital to the cannabis packaging community. With our double-layer structure caps, make your concentrate container more safety.

Customizable Cap Options

Hemployd provides a full range of customization services for jar caps, you can customize the size, style, shape, color, finish, material, and even liner material.

Labels and Outer Boxes

In addition to the customization of the concentrate containers themselves, Hemployd also offers additional label and box customization services, a one-stop solution to all your packaging problems.


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