CUstom Pop top containers

Squeeze and 'Pop' open

Hemployd’s pop-up containers have unique child-resistant lids that are easier to open for people with debilitating symptoms. 

Made from FDA-approved medical-grade polypropylene, our pop-up containers are airtight, moisture-resistant, and UV-resistant, ensuring the safety and potency of your cannabis.

 Plus, make your cannabis stand out by adding unique logos, custom printed labels, or screen printings to your pop-up containers.

Our Works

Good custom pop top containers speak for themself

Gold pop top bottles & containers
Black pop top bottles & containers
Yellow pop top bottles & containers
Pop top pre roll joint tubes
Multi color pop top pre roll joint tubes
Child resistant silver pop top tubes
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what we can do with custom Pop top containers?

Container Types

Hemployd has existing successful pop top jars and pop top tubes to meet your different needs.

Screen printing on Pop tops

Hemployd offers screen printing services for your logo, which facilitates your market development and branding.

Multiple Sizes Available

Hemployd offers full-size pop top jars and pop top tubes.

Custom Printed die cut Containers

Child Resistant Solutions

Child-resistant packaging is vital to cannabis industry. Hemployd has certified child-resistant solutions.

Labels Printing Service

Hemployd offers label printing services for your pop tops that facilitate your market development and branding.

Outer Boxes Printing Service

In addition to the customization of the pop top containers themselves, Hemployd also offers additional box customization services, a one-stop solution to all your packaging problems.


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