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A tin box is the perfect way to store small items. It is a reusable container that will help you organize your cannabis.

 Made from durable FDA-authorized materials, our tin box is paired with a sleek design and simple functionality that makes it ideal for cannabis packaging. 

Its slim design makes it easy to store and carry your product, while its leak-proof construction and airtightness make it safe for your environment and moisture exposure.

The perfect protection, sustainability and airtight properties of child resistant tins make it unique in the cannabis packaging industry. It is widely used to package pre-roll joints, vape carts, flower and edible cannabis.Hemployd offers a full range of custom tin box services.

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Eco slide child resistant tins
Child resistant black tin box
Custom Marijuana Tins
Child resistant cannabis packaging tins
Custom pre roll tin box
Custom CR tin containers
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what we can do with custom tin boxes?

Huge Number Of Box Types

Hemployd has many existing successful box types to meet your different needs, or you can customize your own box type according to your creativity.

Various printing processes

Hemployd offers 4-color printing, Pantone color printing, and other customization finishes services such as foil stamping, spot UV, flocking, glittering,matt or glossy laminations,embossing/debossing.

Multiple Sizes Available

Hemployd offers full-size custom tin box, and no limitation on measurements and functions.

Custom Printed die cut Containers

Child Resistant Solutions

Child-resistant packaging is vital to cannabis packaging industry. Hemployd has many certified child-resistant solutions, there is always one that you want.

Customizable Insert Options

The insert is used to fix and protect your cannabis products, different specifications, and different sizes of cannabis products need different inserts. Hemployd provides paper, EVA, foam, and flocked inserts to meet your requirements. 

Environmentally and Sustainable Choices

Hemployd takes the environment and sustainability seriously. Our 100% paper child-resistant tin box is made for this purpose.


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