10 Top Packaging Trends for Cannabis

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, packaging trends are constantly changing to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. This article explores 10 top packaging trends that are shaping the cannabis industry today and provides you with valuable packaging design insights and inspiration for your products.

Customized Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging

Customized packaging is a packaging trend for cannabis and its products that involves creating packaging tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the cannabis business. This trend allows cannabis businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a unique and memorable brand experience for their customers.

Generic cannabis packaging is often available in a limited range of shapes and sizes. It may also be made with basic materials, with no specialized features or functionality designed to meet regulatory requirements or improve customer experience. However, with customized Cannabis packaging, cannabis businesses can overcome all these limitations.

User-friendly Packaging for Cannabis

The trend towards user-friendly packaging by cannabis businesses is driven by the desire to improve customer experience. Cannabis packaging that is difficult to open or use can be frustrating and inconvenient for customers, leading to negative brand perception and reduced customer loyalty. 

On the other hand, user-friendly cannabis packaging can make it easier and more enjoyable for customers to access and use their products, which can help to improve their overall satisfaction. Additionally, on the production side, it can decrease the time and effort required for product packaging and distribution.

Include Innovative Packaging Security Features in Cannabis

Another packaging trend for cannabis that is increasingly common in the cannabis industry includes a range of innovative packaging security features to ensure the safety and security of their products. These features protect against tampering and counterfeiting and comply with child resistant packaging regulations.

One innovative packaging security feature that cannabis businesses are adopting now is tamper-evident packaging. It shows signs of tampering when the packaging is opened, such as seals or labels getting damaged or broken. This lets customers know if it has been tampered with and can discourage tampering attempts.

Another packaging security feature that cannabis businesses are popularly adopting is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for automated inventory tracking and management. RFID technology involves using small tags or chips embedded in the cannabis packaging and can be read by scanners or other electronic devices.

Smart Cannabis Packaging Technology

More cannabis businesses are opting for smart packaging technology in the cannabis packaging industry to improve the functionality, performance, and convenience of their packaging. This involves using advanced materials, sensors, and other technologies to improve the overall quality of the packaging.

For example, more cannabis businesses are increasingly working with cannabis packaging manufacturers to use smart packaging technology to design cannabis packaging that can effectively monitor and control the temperature and humidity of their products. This can be essential for maintaining their freshness and effectiveness. 

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

With more attention being paid to global warming, more cannabis businesses are going for sustainable packaging in the cannabis packaging industry, such as recyclable and biodegradable packaging. By using sustainable packaging, cannabis businesses can minimize their environmental impact and conserve natural resources. 

Additionally, by using sustainable packaging, cannabis businesses can show customers their commitment to sustainability, which can help to improve their reputation and brand image. As consumers become increasingly aware of environmental issues, they are more likely to seek sustainable cannabis packaging.

Storytelling Packaging for Cannabis Products

Custom cannabis packaging

Storytelling packaging is a type of packaging that uses design, language, and other elements to tell a story about the brand, product, or company. One reason that cannabis businesses are increasingly choosing storytelling packaging is that it can help to differentiate their products from their competitors. 

In a crowded and competitive market, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out and attract attention. By using packaging that tells a unique and compelling story, cannabis businesses can create a memorable experience and foster a sense of authenticity and trust, which can help to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Digital Printing in Cannabis Packaging

Among other packaging trends for cannabis is Digital printing. It is a form of printing that uses digital files, such as PDFs or JPEGs, rather than traditional printing plates, to print onto various materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. This allows for better, quicker, and cost-effective packaging customization.

With traditional printing methods, it can be costly and time-consuming to produce small runs of packaging with unique designs. However, with digital printing, businesses can quickly and easily make packaging with unique designs and small print runs, making it ideal for small businesses or new ones looking to test new packaging designs.

Digital 3D Packaging Renders for Cannabis Products

Digital 3D packaging renders are also one of the packaging trends for cannabis worth discussing. Cannabis businesses are embracing this technology because it allows them to visualize and design their packaging in a virtual environment. It also makes it easier, quicker, and cost-effective to identify and fix errors before and during production.

With traditional 2D design techniques, it is tough to convey a product’s look and feel of a product. However, 3D rendering allows cannabis businesses to create photorealistic designs that accurately represent their products. Cannabis businesses can also use 3D renders on their online or e-commerce platforms to attract and engage their customers.

Interactive Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis products packaging trends

Interactive packaging involves interactive elements such as games, videos, or other digital content that are often accessible via QR codes on a smartphone. Many cannabis businesses are now gravitating towards this trend to help them create a unique and memorable brand experience for customers and stand out in the market. 

By scanning the QR code with their smartphone, customers can access a specific website and interact with digital content about a product to get other relevant details about it. Interactive packaging can also help businesses gain valuable data insights about their customers to improve their products and marketing strategies.

Cannabis Multi-Purpose Packaging

Cannabis packaging trends

There are several reasons why more cannabis businesses are increasingly opting for multi-purpose packaging. One reason is that it allows them to save on packaging costs. By using a single packaging solution for multiple products, businesses can eliminate the need for separate packaging materials and reduce their overall packaging expenses. 

Another reason is that multi-purpose packaging is often more convenient and user-friendly for customers. For example, a multi-purpose container can be used by customers to store and dispense multiple products. This eliminates the need for customers to purchase additional containers or packaging for the same purpose.

Cannabis Product Packaging Is Essential

Packaging is essential for cannabis products. Not only does it help protect and preserve them, but it also allows cannabis businesses to convey their brand identity and comply with regulations. By keeping up with the latest packaging trends for cannabis products, cannabis businesses can remain competitive and meet their customer’s expectations.