What needs to be on cannabis flower packaging


As with any new industry, there are plenty of cannabis businesses vying for the attention of the public in the states where it is legalized, and that means one thing: It is imperative that all companies within the cannabis sector prioritize the safety of consumers.Proper packaging ensures regulatory compliance, and helps build a strong brand image.

I’m Alex, and with nearly 18 years of cannabis packaging experience, I’m ready to help you find comprehensive solutions for your material and printing technology needs!

If you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective packaging for cannabis flower or extracts, I’m your guy! I’ll be your guide through the selection and use of the right materials.

Now for the really fun part! I’m going to give you a comprehensive explanation of what legally compliant packaging should have in terms of packaging requirements and labeling requirements for marijuana flowers.

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Understanding Cannabis Flower Characteristics

Sensitivity to Light and Air

Cannabis flowers are sensitive to light and air, which means they can degrade their potency and flavor. This is great news for us because it means we can enjoy the full flavor and potency of the flowers by keeping them in the right conditions. Proper packaging is the perfect solution for minimizing exposure to these elements!

Moisture Control

It’s important to maintain the right moisture level to prevent mold and maintain the flower’s quality. The right packaging can help you control humidity levels effectively!

Best temperature and relative humidity for growing cannabis -  CannaConnection

Preservation of Aroma and Potency

 The packaging is going to help preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids that give cannabis its distinct aroma and therapeutic properties, which is really exciting!

Physical Protection

Cannabis flowers are a delicate and beautiful product that can be damaged easily. The packaging needs to provide adequate protection against crushing and other physical impacts to ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition.

Packaging Solutions for Cannabis packaging

Given these fantastic characteristics, we are thrilled to recommend the following packaging options for cannabis flowers:

No.1 Glass Jars 

Glass jars are the absolute best for preserving the freshness and aroma of cannabis flowers! They’re completely airtight, so they keep everything safe from light and air. Plus, they feel amazing, which makes your product look even more appealing!

Glass Jars

No.2 Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are the perfect choice for your packaging needs! They’re lightweight, durable, and provide excellent barrier properties against moisture, light, and air. And the best part is that they’re cost-effective and can be easily customized with branding and labeling!

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No.3 Plastic Containers

High-quality plastic containers are an excellent choice for those looking for a balance between protection and cost. Look for options that are specifically designed for cannabis, ensuring they are airtight and child-resistant.

Plastic Containers

No.4 Metal Tins

Metal tins are another fantastic option that provides excellent protection against light and air. The great thing about these tins is that they can also be designed to be child-resistant and tamper-evident.

Metal Tins

Now that we know all this, it’s time to dive into the world of marijuana flower packaging!

What are the packaging requirements for these materials? And what about labeling requirements? Let’s explore!

Cannabis Packaging Requirements

Child-Resistant Packaging Requirements for Cannabis Products

Designing child-resistant packaging is a great way to protect kids and follow the rules. See these cool features and examples of effective child-resistant packaging!

Child Resistant Packaging Solutions for Medicals & Supplements | One Stop  Packaging Solution | INNORHINO
  • Heat-Sealed Packaging

Heat-sealed packaging is the best way to keep your cannabis products safe from children. It involves sealing the package with heat, creating a strong, tamper-evident seal that is difficult for children to open. This type of packaging does not include easy-open tabs or flaps, making it challenging for children to access the contents. Heat-sealed packages are commonly used for single-use cannabis products, such as pre-rolls or small amounts of flower.

Push-and-Turn Caps: These caps require the user to push down and simultaneously turn to open. This dual action is typically beyond the capability of young children, making it an effective child-resistant feature.

45-400 White PP Rib Side Push Down and Turn Child-Resistant Closure (CRC) -  F217 PS22 Liner

Squeeze-and-Turn Caps:Similar to push-and-turn caps, these require the user to squeeze the sides of the cap while turning it. This type of closure is often used for bottles containing cannabis oils or tinctures.

Child Resistant Reverse Cap Bottles | Green Rush Packaging

Slide Locks: These closures involve a sliding mechanism that must be moved in a specific direction to open the package. The complexity of the mechanism makes it difficult for children to open.

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Two-Handed Operation: Some packages are designed to require the use of both hands to open, adding an extra layer of difficulty for young children. For example, a box might need to be squeezed on both sides while pulling up the lid simultaneously.

Specialized Closures

Specialized closures are designed to require significant dexterity or force to open, making it difficult for young children to access the product. The following are some common types of specialized closures:Such as those requiring two-handed operation or significant force to open.


Tamper-evident features are essential for cannabis flower packaging. They ensure product integrity and consumer safety by providing clear evidence if the packaging has been opened or altered. This helps prevent contamination, theft, and unauthorized access. Here are some detailed tamper-evident features commonly used in cannabis flower packaging:

SATIVA | Metallic Red | Tamper Evident Jar Labels | 0.5 x 2.75″

Types of Tamper-Evident Features

  1. Heat Shrink Bands:

    : Heat shrink bands are plastic bands that shrink to fit tightly around the packaging when heat is applied.

    Usage: Commonly used on jars and bottles, these bands need to be removed or broken to open the package, clearly indicating if the product has been tampered with.

    Benefits: Cost-effective and easy to apply, providing a clear visual indicator of tampering.

    PVC Shrink Bands| Wholesale & Bulk | Berlin Packaging
  2. Sealed Stickers or Labels:

    : Stickers or labels that seal the opening of the package and tear or break when the package is opened.

    Usage: Used on jars, bags, and boxes. The labels often contain branding and tamper-evident text such as “Void if Opened.”

    Benefits: Simple to use and can be customized with branding, enhancing both security and aesthetics.
    CALIFORNIA | Metallic Silver | Tamper Evident Labels | 0.5″ x 2.75″
  3. Tamper-Evident Tape:

    Description: Specialized tape that leaves a visible residue or message when removed.

    Usage: Applied to the seams or openings of packages. If the tape is peeled off, it leaves a clear indication that the package has been tampered with.

    Benefits: Provides a strong visual cue of tampering and is difficult to remove without leaving evidence.
  4. Breakable Caps:

    Description: Caps that feature a breakable ring or seal that separates from the cap when it is first opened.

    Usage: Often used on bottles and jars. The ring or seal stays on the bottle neck after the cap is removed, indicating the package has been opened.

    Benefits: Easy to implement and provides a clear indicator of tampering.
  5. Vacuum-Sealed Packaging:

    Description: Packaging where air is removed to create a tight seal, often accompanied by a tear strip or perforation for opening.

    Usage: Commonly used for larger quantities of cannabis flower. The vacuum seal must be broken to access the product, providing a clear indication of tampering.

    Benefits: Maintains product freshness and provides a robust tamper-evident solution.

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  6. Foil Seals:
    Description: Thin foil seals that are adhered to the top of jars or bottles and must be peeled away to access the contents.

    Usage: Typically used under screw-on caps. The foil must be completely removed to access the product.

    Benefits: Ensures product freshness and tamper evidence, commonly used in food and pharmaceutical industries as well.


Freshness Preservation: Resealable packaging helps maintain the freshness and potency of cannabis products by minimizing exposure to air and moisture. This is particularly important for flower products that can dry out and lose their effectiveness if not properly sealed.

Safety and Spillage Prevention: By allowing consumers to securely close the package after each use, resealable packaging helps prevent accidental spills and product contamination. This ensures that the cannabis remains safe to use over an extended period.

Convenience for Consumers: Resealable packaging offers convenience for consumers who may not use the entire product in one sitting. They can easily open and close the package as needed, making it more user-friendly.


PROTECTION FROM LIGHT: Opaque packaging blocks light, especially UV light, preventing the active ingredients in cannabis flower, such as THC and CBD, from degrading due to light exposure. This maintains the potency and quality of cannabis flowers.

REDUCES OXIDATION: Light accelerates the oxidation process of cannabis flowers, causing them to lose their freshness and flavor. Opaque packaging slows this oxidation process and extends the shelf life of the product.

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Not Attractive to Minors

Prohibition of Child-Friendly Imagery: No use of cartoons, characters, or any imagery that could be associated with children’s products.

Restriction on Colors and Designs: Avoid bright, flashy colors and designs that are typically used to attract children’s attention.

Ban on Candy-like Appearance: Packaging should not resemble candy or any other products that are commonly consumed by children.

No False Statements

Consumer Trust: Honest labeling helps build trust with consumers. When customers know that they can rely on the information provided, they are more likely to become repeat buyers.

Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory bodies strictly monitor and enforce accurate labeling. False statements can lead to legal penalties, fines, and product recalls.

Health and Safety: Accurate information is vital for consumer safety, especially regarding potency, ingredients, and usage instructions. Misleading information can lead to improper use and potential health risks.

Cannabis Packaging Regulations and Best Practices

Labeling Requirements

Labels are important for packaging. They need to have all the necessary info and follow the rules.It helps businesses in the cannabis industry succeed by following rules.

How to read a cannabis package - Ottawa Public Health

Primary Panel

  • Product Identity: Clearly state the product’s generic name.

    Specific Strain Information: Clearly label the specific strain name (e.g., Blue Dream, OG Kush). This helps consumers know exactly what variety they are purchasing.Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa: Indicate whether the strain is a hybrid, indica, or sativa. This information helps consumers understand the potential effects of the product.
  • Universal Symbol: Include the state-approved cannabis symbol, ensuring it is visible and compliant with size requirements.

    Immediate Recognition: The universal symbol allows consumers to quickly identify that a product contains cannabis. This is especially important for those who may not be familiar with the packaging or brand.Safety: It helps prevent accidental consumption, particularly by children or individuals who should avoid cannabis.
  • Net Weight or Volume: Display the net weight of the cannabis flower in both metric and U.S. customary units.

    Metric Units: Typically, the weight or volume should be stated in grams (g) for solid products or milliliters (ml) for liquids.U.S. Customary Units: The corresponding measurement should be provided in ounces (oz) for solids or fluid ounces (fl oz) for liquids.
  • “Cannabis Infused”: This must be stated on edible products to inform consumers of its nature.

    Example 1: GreenLeaf Gummies
    • Primary Panel Labeling: GreenLeaf places “Cannabis Infused” at the top of the packaging in bold white letters on a green background, making it highly visible.
    • Supplementary Information: Below the label, a warning states “Start with a low dose” to encourage responsible consumption.
    Example 2: PureEdibles Brownies
    • Clear and Prominent: “Cannabis Infused” is displayed prominently in the center of the primary panel, using bold black text on a yellow background.
    • Integrated Design: The label is integrated into the overall design, maintaining brand consistency while ensuring the message is clear.
    Example 3: Wellness Drops Tincture
    • High Contrast: The tincture bottle features “Cannabis Infused” in bold, black letters on a white label, placed near the top for immediate visibility.
    • Dosage Instructions: Adjacent to the label, instructions state “Shake well before use” and “Consult your physician before use,” providing additional guidance.

Informational Panel

  • Lot and Batch Numbers: Essential for tracking and quality control.

    Product Tracking: Lot and batch numbers allow for precise tracking of cannabis products from cultivation to sale. This traceability is vital for identifying the source of any issues, such as contamination or potency discrepancies.Quality Assurance: By tracking batches, producers can ensure that each product meets the required quality standards before reaching consumers.
  • Processor and Cultivator Information: Names and license numbers of the processor and cultivator should be clearly listed.

    Consumer Confidence: Providing detailed processor and cultivator information builds trust with consumers by being transparent about the product’s origins.
    : Clear labeling of names and license numbers holds processors and cultivators accountable for the quality and safety of the product.
  • Cultivation and Harvest Information:Cultivation facility identification.Harvest date and packaging date.

    When packaging cannabis, it’s important to provide consumers with all the necessary information. This includes the cultivation facility where it was grown, the harvest date, and the packaging date. By knowing these details, consumers can understand the quality and conditions of the cannabis. It also helps them make informed decisions about their purchase. Providing this information gives consumers peace of mind about the product’s freshness and quality.
Cannabis Cultivation: Greenhouse Environment for Maximum Harvest
  • Cannabinoid Content: Display the THC and CBD potency of the product.

    When packaging cannabis, it’s important to show the levels of THC and CBD. THC gives a “high” feeling, while CBD has potential therapeutic benefits. By showing the potency of these compounds on the packaging, people can choose products based on their desired effects or medical needs. For example, those who want a stronger high may pick products with more THC, while others seeking therapeutic benefits without the high may prefer higher CBD content. Displaying cannabinoid content also ensures transparency and trust in the industry. It helps consumers know they’re getting products with accurate levels of cannabinoids. Overall, clear and accurate packaging is crucial for educating consumers and being transparent about the product.
    How to read and understand a cannabis product label - Canada.ca
  • Product Count and Amount: Indicate the quantity within the package.
    When it comes to cannabis packaging, it’s important to know how many products are in each package. This helps consumers make smart choices and keeps track of their inventory. For producers, it ensures transparency and compliance with regulations. It also helps them manage their inventory and production processes. Overall, indicating the product count on cannabis packaging is crucial for transparency, informed consumer choices, and regulatory compliance.
  • Government Warnings and Instructions: Include mandatory warnings about the risks of cannabis use, such as impairment and potential health risks.

    Impairment Warning: A statement that cannabis use can impair cognitive and motor skills, such as “This product may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery. Use with caution.”
    Age Restriction
    : A warning that the product is not intended for use by individuals under a certain age, such as “For use only by adults 21 and older.”
  • QR Codes for Tracking: These codes should link to detailed product information in the Statewide Seed-to-Sale Tracking System.Digiphy QR Code for Cannabis

    Example 1: PureCannabis Edibles
    • Prominent Placement: The QR code is placed on the back of the package near the product description.
    • Clear Instructions: “Scan for detailed lab results and cultivation information.”
    • Comprehensive Data: Scanning the code provides access to the product’s entire history, including grower details, processing methods, and lab test results.
    Example 2: GreenLeaf Flower
    • Visible Location: The QR code is printed on the side panel of the jar, making it easy to find and scan.
    • User-Friendly: “Scan here to learn more about your product.”
    • Detailed Information: Consumers can access information about the strain, grow conditions, harvest date, and safety tests.
    Example 3: Wellness Harvest Tinctures
    • Integrated Design: The QR code is part of the product label’s design, placed near the dosage instructions.
    • Instructions Provided: “Use your smartphone to scan for full product details.”
    • Traceability: The linked page provides a complete trace of the product from seed to sale, including testing certifications and processor information.
  • Additional Warnings: Provide any other necessary warnings, such as health risks for pregnant women or potential interactions with medications.

    Example 1: GreenLeaf Gummies
    • Primary Panel Warnings: “Warning: Use of cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding may be harmful. Consult your physician if you are taking any medications.”
    • Visual Aids: Includes icons for pregnancy warnings and medication interactions.
    • Clear Language: “This product may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery.”
    Example 2: PureCannabis Flower
    • Informational Panel Details: “Warning: Start with a low dose. Overconsumption may cause severe side effects such as extreme drowsiness or hallucinations.”
    • Additional Risks: “Cannabis use may cause anxiety or paranoia. Not intended for individuals under 21.”
    • Readable Format: Warnings are in bold, red text to stand out from other information.
    Example 3: Wellness Harvest Tinctures
    • Comprehensive Warnings: “Warning: This product may interact with medications. Consult your doctor before use. Use of cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding may harm your baby.”
    • Clear Instructions: “Begin with a small dose to assess your tolerance. Effects may last up to 4 hours.”
    • Visual Icons: Uses icons for driving impairment, pregnancy, and medication interactions.


In short, effective cannabis flower packaging is all about striking the perfect balance between regulatory compliance and aesthetic appeal.

By ensuring that your packaging is child-resistant, tamper-resistant, and clearly labeled, you can protect consumers and build trust in your brand!

And there’s more! By combining decorative effects and anti-counterfeiting measures, you can enhance your product’s appeal and security. Staying informed and compliant is your ticket to success in this fast-moving industry!

With nearly 18 years of experience, I can provide the best packaging on the market! My factory specializes in high-quality, fully compliant packaging, and I’m proud to offer it to you.