Custom Child-proof Solutions for Safe and Secure Marijuana Packaging

Child-proof Marijuana packaging (a colloquial term for child-resistant packaging) has become an industry-standard packaging for marijuana products under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 to protect children from the accidental ingestion of marijuana. This article explores different custom child-proof solutions you can choose to safely and securely package marijuana.

Child-proof Cap Bottles, Tubes, and Vials

Bottles, tubes, and vials are great options for packaging marijuana but are not inherently child-proof solutions. These containers complement their design, making it difficult for children to access their contents but not impossible for adults to open.

Different types of child-proof caps can complement bottles, tubes, and vials for use as marijuana packaging, with some common ones including the following: 

Push-and-Turn Child-proof Caps

The Push-and-Turn design of the caps makes the bottles or vials great child-proof solutions for safe and secure marijuana packaging. It requires pushdown and twist motions to open, making it easy for adults to open but difficult for children to access the contents, as they cannot understand the actions required, and their hands are yet to have the strength to perform them even if they did.

Pinch-and-Twist Child-proof Caps

When used as a closure for a bottle or vial, the Pinch-and-Twist mechanism these caps provide is another effective child-proof solution for safe and secure marijuana packaging. The motions involved require a level of strength and know-how to execute correctly, which only adults possess but kids lack.

Snap-and-Lock Child-proof Caps

The snap-and-lock mechanism these caps provide helps prevent children from accidentally accessing and ingesting marijuana. To open these caps, the user needs to apply finger pressure to the edge to flip them open, which children’s fingers do not have the strength for, making them child-proof solutions for safe and secure marijuana packaging.

Squeeze-and-Turn Child-proof Caps

Squeeze-and-Turn caps are also unique child-proof solutions for marijuana packaging. They feature a mechanism that calls for a good squeeze and a turn to open the bottle and grant access to its contents. Children under 5 are too young to understand these actions and don’t have hands strong enough to execute them.

Pop-top Child-proof Caps

Safe and secure child-resistant cannabis packaging

Pop-top caps feature a handy hinged tab or lever, ready to be popped or twisted open. When used on bottles or vials, the user needs to find the lever or tab on top and apply a push or twist to release the seal and access the contents inside, making it user-friendly for adults but difficult to open for children.

Screw-on Child-proof Caps

Screw top or twist-off caps are made of plastic or metal and require a little elbow grease to open. To open them, the user needs to give a good twist in an anticlockwise direction to loosen the threads and unscrew the cap. Adults have no trouble applying the pressure required to open them. However, for children, it is beyond their capabilities.

Child-proof Spray Caps

Child-proof spray caps boast nozzles that deliver liquids in a fine mist. They are the go-to child-proof solutions for marijuana-infused liquids such as tinctures, oils, and infused sprays. They can come in various types, such as lock spray caps, pump spray caps, or two-step cap spray caps. 

Lock Spray Caps

These spray caps feature a button-activated mechanism that springs back to a locked state when not actively used.

Pump Spray Caps

These spray caps have a pump mechanism that requires a squeeze to dispense and lock up tight when inactive.

Two-step Cap Spray Caps

These spray caps require manual effort, including pressing a button or lever and turning it to control the nozzle’s opening and closing.

Tamper-evident Seals

Tamper-evident seals offer an added layer of protection for marijuana packaging. They require an intentional breach that acts as a visual deterrent, signaling if a product’s packaging is compromised. These seals work hand in hand with child-proof solutions, usually featuring a perforated tear strip, breakable tab, or twist-off cap, providing double safety for children. 

Child-proof Glass Jars

Protect your kids with child-proof weed packaging

These are containers made from glass and have child-proof lids, making them difficult for children’s small hands to grip and open, as they require both hands to open them. Glass jars are useful for packaging marijuana products sold in bulk, such as flowers or pre-rolls.

Aside from being a must-have for families with children, child-proof glass jars also offer peace of mind when dispensing and storing marijuana. Their build and child-proof functionality make them the go-to child-proof solutions for marijuana packaging. They are ideal for packaging marijuana products sold in bulk, such as flowers or pre-rolls.

Child-proof Bags

Child-proof bags keep little hands at bay with closures that are simple for adults but tough for kids. They are often used to stash dried flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Aside from helping to protect children, they also help preserve the freshness and potency of the marijuana products inside. 

All these features make child-proof bags effective child-proof solutions for marijuana packaging for responsibly storing and handling marijuana products. Common options include zip-lock, fold-and-lock, slide-and-lock, and resealable bags.

Zipper-lock Child-proof Bags

Child-proof zipper lock bags, commonly called zip-tops or zip locks, are typically plastic packaging with a sealable zipper closure that’s tough for kids to open but easy for adults. Unlocking the bag requires a simple two-step process: press both sides of the zipper lock and pull upward.

Slide-and-lock Child-proof Bags

Child-proof slide-and-lock bags are tough for kids to open but a breeze for grown-ups. They are made of plastic or Mylar foil to guarantee durability and sport a two-step locking mechanism that requires sliding a locking tab along the top. This keeps them secure from accidental openings by kids but easy for adults to access. 

Resealable Child-proof Bags

Child-proof bags with a resealable feature pack a punch in both practicality and safety. They are made from durable materials like mylar foil and let adult users access their contents while keeping them safely out of reach of children. Mylar foil also protects against light, air, and moisture, ensuring potency and freshness for dried flowers, concentrates, and edibles. They are one of the go-to child-proof solutions for marijuana packaging.

Child-proof Boxes

Prevent accidental consumption with child-resistant marijuana packaging

These boxes are another child-proof solution for marijuana packaging to keep curious kids from accessing and accidentally ingesting marijuana products. They are made of cardboard, plastic, or metal like tin and come in various designs and locking mechanisms that can be opened only by adults. 

Child-proof boxes are often used for packaging edibles, concentrates, and dried flowers. Examples of them include:

Child-proof Locking Slider Boxes

These boxes secure their contents with a grown-up-friendly lock-slide mechanism. This may involve pressing down on one side while sliding the top in the opposite direction, which is a task that stumps little hands but is a breeze for adults.

Child-proof Clamshell Boxes

These containers are made of plastic or cardboard and lock securely like two halves of a clam’s shell, keeping contents safe from children. Clamshell boxes are often made of plastic or cardboard and are ideal for packaging edibles, vape cartridges, or any other marijuana product that needs a customized insert.


Whether you are looking for ease of use, durability, or an extra layer of safety, you can choose from any of the custom child-proof solutions discussed to meet your needs. Investing in the right child-proof solution for your marijuana packaging not only keeps kids safe but also builds consumer trust and maintains the quality of your products.