8 Types of Child-resistant Packaging for Cannabis Businesses

Child-resistant packaging is crucial for the cannabis industry, as it keeps products safe and compliant with all necessary regulations. If you’re new to the cannabis business and unsure which packaging to choose, here are eight child-resistant packaging options that offer various features and benefits for your products and customers respectively.

1. Child-resistant Cap Bottles and Vials Packaging for Cannabis Businesses

These packaging options include a bottle or vial made from plastic or glass and a child-resistant cap of various types with a tamper-evident seal to ensure the contents are fresh and uncontaminated. Common types of caps used include screw-top, push-and-turn, squeeze-and-turn, pop-top, and snap-and-lock caps.

Cannabis businesses can use them for various cannabis products, such as tablets, gel capsules, lozenges, and chewing gum. They are available in a range of sizes to meet different volume requirements.

Many manufacturers offer customization options, such as adding a brand’s logo or packaging design. So, if you decide to go for any of these types of child-resistant packaging for your cannabis business, they can meet your specific needs.

Screw Top Cap Bottles for Your Child-resistant Cannabis Business Packaging

Screw top caps, also known as twist-off caps, are typically made of plastic or metal. They feature a helical thread on the outer surface of the cap and a corresponding thread on the neck of the container. The threads interlock and create a secure closure when the cap is twisted onto the container in a clockwise direction.

To open the cap, the user must twist the cap in an anticlockwise direction to loosen the threads and allow the cap to be removed. The feature requires a certain amount of pressure to be applied to open the bottles, which adults have, but is typically beyond the capabilities of young children. 

Push-and-turn Cap Bottles Child-resistant Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Push-and-turn cap bottles with a cap characterized by a small button or lever that can be pushed and turned to open the bottle. To open a push-and-turn cap, the user first locates the button or lever on the top. They then push down on the button or lever and turn it to the side. Doing this rotates the cap and releases the seal to allow the user to access the container’s contents.

Squeeze-and-turn Cap Bottles for the Cannabis Industry Child-resistant Packaging

Squeeze-and-turn cap bottles have caps characterized by a small button or lever that can be squeezed and turned to open the bottle. To open a squeeze-and-turn cap, the user locates the button or lever on the top and then squeezes the sides to turn it to the side. It causes the cap to rotate and release the seal, allowing the user to access the contents of the container.

Pop-top Cap Bottles for Child-resistant Packaging for the Business Packages

Pop-top cap bottles feature a cap characterized by a small, hinged tab or lever that can be pushed or twisted to open the bottle. To open a pop-top cap, the user first locates the hinged tab or lever on the top.

Once open, they can apply pressure to the tab or lever by pushing it down or twisting it to the side. It causes the cap to rotate and release the seal, allowing the user to access the contents of the container.

Snap and Lock Cap Bottles for Child-resistant Business Boxes

Snap and Lock or Snap-lock cap bottles feature a cap or closure that requires snapping and locking to open. The cap consists of two parts: an end portion and a rim. The end portion fits into the neck of the bottle, while the rim snaps into place behind a projecting annular rim on the neck to complete the snap-lock. 

To open the snap-lock cap, the user applies finger pressure to the edge of the cap. This causes the rim and edges to slide up a ramp created by the oval shape of the cap, releasing the snap lock.

The snap-lock mechanism is also easy to use and suitable for use with an automatic bottle capping machine, ensuring that the cap is properly aligned and securely sealed on the bottle.

Child-resistant Dropper Bottles for Your Cannabis Business

Child-resistant Dropper Bottles dispense small amounts of liquid or viscous cannabis products. The dropper cap can either be pushed and turned or pushed and squeezed to open and usually consists of a plastic dropper tip with a rubber end that allows the user to control the flow of the substance.

This design allows the user to accurately dispense small amounts of a substance without pouring it out of the bottle. Most importantly, it makes it difficult for children to figure out but easy for adults to use.

Child-resistant Cap Vials for Cannabis Industry

Child-resistant cap vials consist of a vial and any child-resistant caps previously mentioned. The specific type of child-resistant cap used on a vial will depend on the needs and preferences of the cannabis business or end user.

Vials are typically smaller than bottles and used for more immediate or short-term use. They work well for packaging single cannabis cigarettes and small quantities of cannabis flowers and leaves.

2. Child-resistant Tube Form-factors In Cannabis Business

Child-resistant packaging for businesses that sell Cannabis

Tube form factors are a type of child-resistant packaging that consists of a tube and any of the child-resistant caps previously mentioned. They are typically made of plastic and may be see-through or opaque, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the cannabis business or end user.

The size and shape of the tubes can vary, depending on the quantity of the substance they need to hold and the intended use. Some may also have additional features, such as a tamper-evident seal for added child resistance.

Tube form factors are versatile. They are great for packaging a wide range of cannabis products, including dried flowers, edibles, pre-rolled joints, lotions, and concentrates.

3. Locking Slider Boxes for Your Business Cannabis Packaging

These boxes typically have a sliding mechanism that must be moved in a specific way to open the package. The box is closed by sliding the top over the bottom half, which locks it in place.

To open the box, an adult must press down on one side while sliding the top portion of the box in the opposite direction. Doing this releases the lock and allows the top to come off. Children may not have the strength to perform this motion, which makes it difficult to open the box.

Locking slider boxes are often used for cannabis products that are small and lightweight, such as dried cannabis flowers or buds, cannabis-infused edibles, such as cookies, gummies, or brownies, and cannabis-related accessories, such as pipes, vaporizers, or vape cartridges, and rolling papers or pre-rolls.

4. Clamshell Containers for Child-resistant Cannabis Business

These containers feature two hinged halves that close together like a clamshell and are kept in place by a child-resistant feature. They are often made of plastic or cardboard and are ideal for packaging edibles, vape cartridges, or any other items that need a customized insert.

To open the clamshell container, the user typically needs to perform a specific motion or manipulate the child-resistant feature to unlock the hinged halves. It can involve pressing down on the sides of one half of the container while simultaneously pushing or pulling on one side of the other half to pull them apart.

5. Child-resistant Jars for Cannabis Packaging Business

Child-resistant packaging for cannabis retailers

These are glass or plastic containers with child-resistant lids that can only be opened by turning the cover in a specific direction. These jars make it difficult for small hands to grip and open the lid or require the use of both hands to open them. These are often used for cannabis products that are sold in bulk, such as flowers or pre-rolls.

6. Child-resistant Tins for the Cannabis Packaging

packaging for cannabis dealers that is child-resistant

These are metal containers with a lid that can be opened by pressing down on the lid and twisting it. This design makes it difficult for children under five to open due to the small size of their hands, but easy for adults to open. They are often used for cannabis products sensitive to light or moisture, such as edibles or concentrates.

7. Child-resistant Bags for the Packaging of Your Cannabis Business

Child-resistant bags often feature a closure that is difficult for children to perform but is easy for adults to understand and use. Common types include zipper lock bags, fold and lock bags, slide and lock bags, and resealable bags. This type of packaging is often used to store dried cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles.

Zipper Lock Bags Into Your Child-resistant Cannabis Packaging Business

Child-resistant zipper lock bags, also known as zip-top or zip lock bags, are made from plastic or foil and designed with a unique sealable zipper closure. Opening these types of packaging often involves pressing down on both sides of the zipper lock while pulling it upwards to unlock the bag.

Slide and Lock Bags for Your Child-resistant Cannabis Business Packaging

Child-resistant slide and lock bags are made from plastic or foil and feature a two-step feature that requires users to slide a locking mechanism along the top of the bag before it can open. 

This design makes it hard to open accidentally by children but is easy for adults to access. The locking mechanism is typically made from a strong and durable material, such as plastic, to ensure it is hard to break.

Heat-seal Mylar Bags for Child-resistant Cannabis Industry Packaging

Child-resistant bags heat-seal mylar bags are a type of plastic bag made from a thin film of polyester or other synthetic materials and are sealed using heat. They are known for their durability and ability to retain their shape, as well as their ability to block out light, air, and moisture. These features make them well-suited for storing cannabis products.

8. Child-resistant Spray Bottles Into Your Cannabis Industry Packing

Child-resistant spray bottles are containers with a nozzle that allows liquids to be dispensed in a fine spray. They are commonly made of plastic or glass and can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes, and child-resistant features, including lock spray and pump spray bottles.

Some examples of cannabis liquid products that could be packaged in child-resistant spray bottles include cannabis tinctures, cannabis oils, and cannabis-infused sprays.

Two-step Cap Spray Bottles for Child-resistant Cannabis Packaging Business

These bottles have a spray cap that requires the user to complete two separate actions on it to open or close the nozzle. The first step involves manually pressing down on a button or lever, while the second involves turning the cap in a specific direction to open or close the nozzle.

Lock Spray Bottles for Child-resistant Business Cannabis Packing

These bottles have a spray cap with a button or lever that must be pressed down to activate the spraying mechanism. After the button is released, the nozzle automatically returns to a locked state, preventing the contents from being sprayed again until the button is pressed again.

Pump Spray Bottles for Child-resistant Industry for Cannabis Box

These spray bottles have a squeeze or pump mechanism that must be activated to dispense their contents. After the squeeze or pump action is released, the nozzle automatically returns to a locked state, preventing further spraying until the mechanism is activated again.

Child-resistant Packaging for Cannabis Businesses is Important

With all the types of child-resistant packaging discussed in this guide, you should now understand what kinds of packaging solutions and customizable options are best suited for your cannabis business. By carefully choosing the appropriate child-resistant packaging, you can ensure you meet all necessary child-resistant regulations and safety standards to prevent accidental ingestion of your cannabis products.